Relationships are all about interests. Not just self-interests, it could be common interests or even selfless interests, point is, there is an interest. We share, exchange, mooch off one another and so it goes. But what is it we want most from a relationship? Be it friendship or otherwise? Why do we keep indulging in making such bonds that don’t always end well for us? What is it we are looking for? My answer won’t be love, I mean the element of interest fills that gap for us. I would say “fearless“.

We are looking for that one fearless person, and family does not fall in this category because by blood, bond and familiarity they are more often than not fearless when it comes to you.

We yearn for that one fearless person who beneath all the civilities, is not afraid to get to you.

That person who is not afraid to lift up all veils no matter how heavy they are and get to the real barefaced you. Mind you it must not be only one person, you can be graced with 2 or showered with 3. Though if it exceeds that number I might begin questioning the authenticity of the bared face you have on.

We seek for someone fearless who beneath all the charades and actions, knows your heart’s intent. They person doesn’t weigh or define you in the light of what your actions portray but in the light of the person they know you are inside. When we are blessed to have that fearless person, as fate would have it, we paradoxically become afraid.

Afraid we might loose the one. Afraid the person might leave us after having seen all there is to see about us. If we are being honest, we are not often afraid the person might leave because of something they could discover about it. We fear they may leave because there is nothing interesting in us to be discovered anymore.

Then starts the rabbit-hole to hell. We bend to their every whim, set into performance pressure and before we realise, we get exhausted trying to keep up and be that interesting person to keep them close. But is that not too much to ask even for your emotional stability?

In case you forgot, just because you have found that one fearless person for you does not necessarily mean that you are the fearless person for them. Just because you love someone does not guarantee or oblige them to respond arms wide open to your love. Such is the complexity of human ways.

Reason why, if ever you find your fearless match, and you are the person’s fearless match the general fear cycles comes to an end and the absence of fear in perfect love sets it. Yet again, it does not mark an end to troubles and squabbles, it just means that whatever squabbles do come, should and will hardly be from the inside, but the outside.

The question you should answer is; are you ready to have a fearless person walk through the doors of your life laying you bare and leaving you unhinged?

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2 years ago

This is the most true thing ive read about relationships in a long while. We really are looking for a fearless person in our lives. So great!

2 years ago