You all know that time we get a breakthrough idea, that zeal to do something new, that thing we love with every iota of life in us. Then we eventually start it. We open that shop of our dreams, start that business of our dreams, start writing that book, we give birth to THE DREAM. But how often do we pull through? See it come to fruition? Stand at the end of the day and say ‘we did it’?

It often is very easy for us to get discouraged at how slow things come along, the feeling that our huge dream put in plan is not worth it. The time it takes for us to be done, the block, interruptions and sometimes lack of ideas to make it the great thing we had hoped for. We don’t get to the finish line.

Wake up and pull through, don’t stop because it does not go as fast as you hope it should. You owe it to yourself to pull through with that idea, you owe it to me, you owe it to your community, society and you owe it to the world to make that idea grow, be mature and a big guy that can fend for itself and help others.

Remember that idea is not just for you, may be it is not yours to use at all. The idea true is yours, but not to your advantage nor for your use. It is for someone else, you might not know the person and probably never will.

Do it with this in mind ‘someone out there needs this’. So focus on that business, stock and manage that shop, finish that book, Get to the Finish Line.

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