Long long time ago, when the earth was unadulterated , 
when flora’s life was respected and fauna knew its place, 
when men had few strifes with one another and brotherhood was a safe haven, 
when the crow and shadows in the sun told time, 
I was here. 

When your ancestors’ feet touched me for the first time, 
when they uttered their first cries, 
I was here. 

Oblivious to the advent of any other complexion besides theirs, 
A proud display of pigmented art, 
Nothing to bring about a complex, 
I was here. 

As people breathed and let go, 
while they inspired and expired, 
I was here. 

When you were invaded and seemed to be a new discovery,
 While your identity existed for over billions of years, 
I was here. 

When you partitioned parts of me, 
also taking away pieces of yourselves, I was here. 

When the new came, and tried to water down your identity, 
in some parts successfully and others a failure, I was here. 

When you stood up for yourselves in one accord, 
no matter how smart or dreading the opposition was, I was here.
I still am here, whether you hear me or not, 
whether you feel me or not, 
whether you acknowledge me or not, 
whether you come back to me not. 

Your potential finds its fulfillment in knowing me because I know you. 
I am the source of your resources, 
the only one who knows you better than you know yourselves. 

The one who knows you are yearning to dance to the rhythms 
and let your multicolors shine bright. 

I am she who knows you are beautiful, I have known it through the ages.
 I am she who knows those muscles and body build, 
are a cultural heritage to trade for nothing. 

I am she who knows every nook and cranny of your skin 
is a piece of greatness woven together. 
I am she who knows that contrary to what other people think and trends say, 
you are not all brawn and no brain, 
you are both brain and brawn.

 I am she who knows you have all it takes to enjoy the wonder that your life is. 
I am she who knows that you are a unique people 
and finding yourself on foreign soil
 does not reduce who you are nor what you are made of. 

I am she who has the answer to the questions you have 
as you grapple around trying to find your identity.

Stop, be still, breathe and look around…

I have been here all along, through every rhythm, every dance move, 
every beat from the drum and smile from your faces made my heartbeat. 

Every dialect, every accent, every new birth and every feast 
are the answers you need. 
Every outfit, every musical cry, 
every flag and every melanin infused 
are the words I say continuously and I need you to hear. 

You are my work of art, you are my masterpiece.
 No place you are on earth will change that. 
Look inside your heart, you are a completed sculpture. 
Look into your heart and you will see, 
you have no complex, you are a complexion. 
You owe no indemnity, but you have an identity. 

You are me, and I am you. 
If you ever doubt how proud I am of you, 
don’t look in the mirror, look beneath you. 
The shoulders upon which you stand, the red ground, 
the sand, the rocky fields..
I am your mother Africa.
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