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Instant Messaging Troubles

The 21st century may be the best time to be alive. Socially, by just signing up to a few social media platforms, the world is your oyster. If you would rather garner knowledge and enjoy the beauty of the world by reading books, you don’t even need to go to the library anymore, from the comfort of your bedroom, millions of books are accessible to you at your finger tips. Becoming a millionaire is much more possible for many thanks to fields like STEM research, fintech, content creation and the… Read More

You can’t do it on your own!

I love when a new year starts out. No matter what calendar you astutely follow, the start of a new year often comes along with a lot of grit to be your best self yet, even though fleetingly so. We get shiny new planners, write down our best of intentions, some even go the extra mile to set a timeline for these intentions. I won’t call them goals because few make it past 20 days and are forgotten so soon, or eternally postponed. Don’t throw stones at me just yet,… Read More


Growth is such a long and never-ending process, so if we are being honest with ourselves, we will admit that we are never quite done growing. Maybe in stature, but certainly not in knowledge. There are stages of growth that are sort of universal. From day care to secondary school, you have this group of people with whom you flock around carrying out very similar activities. This is one of the most interesting and enjoyable seasons in one’s growth. During this season, you start having the first anchors and relationships… Read More

I fear for our standards of communication today

If you are a faithful reader of this blog, despite my saddening inconsistency, you would realise one thing that stands out…. I fear a lot… to think my last piece was on fear, I must be diseased. But well, let’s get down to today’s issue. About three or four years ago, I read this beautiful book by Gail Honeyman titled “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine”. As you might be guessing by now, she was not completely fine, but she was a very witty though cynical character. In chapter eighteen, Eleanor… Read More

“Development Scares Me”.

Lo and behold, “development” scares me. Not because of the beauty it brings along, but because it is obsessed with destroying nearly all cultural ties laying in its wake. “Development” seems to make no room for cohabitating with my cultural ties and things which beautified my childhood. It chooses to reign as absolute master, bringing along its own global culture and staying intent on destroying mine. I seem to have no power to fight it on my own even if I tried, but others don’t seem to notice the destruction “development” comes along with.

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It was a long dream, wasn’t it? I dined and starved, then cried and laughed! Yearned for all the things I didn’t have. Yet I had all I needed to live one day at a time. I lost most of the important relationships I thought mine. I nursed unwanted ones that took me to my last. I cried myself to bed with many songs. I danced, swerving to the tune of others. I rose from where I laid with a body ache on some days A dash of nausea on… Read More

To be, is a lifelong process.

When we start schooling beyond kindergarten, and show signs of coherence in our mental faculties, there are two verbs that are taught to us. The verb “to be” and the verb “to have”. I think this is because for the rest of our awfully long lives on earth, we strive to be something or someone and to have people or possessions to call ours. “I am” becomes that inevitable expression in our day to day life, I am reading, I am playing, I am eating, I am building, I’m a… Read More

The Deaf Community and I

They say that “to have another language is to possess a second soul” Whoever ‘they’ are, I strongly believe that this time around, ‘they’ were right. Speaking a language other than your native language (in this case the one you grew up speaking), opens up your mind to another reality you were unacquainted with. Speaking a different language often creates a yearning for cultural immersion in the learner. A longing to experience the realities and customs reflected by the said language. It births a whole other soul that is aware… Read More

Reaching the top is easier than staying there.

Everyone wants to be on the top of their game, an expert in their field, the world best in our domain and the reference in our sphere of influence. Well, that is what I think and hope for myself (though we are not going to talk about the fact that I don’t put in the work needed… yet). Not just for the money, though it goes without saying that the money will follow, but for the prestige as well. Knowing that books will make mention of us, the best clients… Read More

It’s your heart, you can teach it.

As we all tread upon God’s green earth, sometimes, probably more often than not, we might wonder, “what makes us humans much different from all other living beings on earth?” Is it the grasp we have over our emotions, or how intense they could feel? Is it the art of pretence we all seem to master from a tender age, or the sudden irrational outburst of the same emotions we often display? The list is far from exhaustive. But what I do think makes us most human, is the ability… Read More