It was a long dream, wasn’t it?

I dined and starved, then cried and laughed!

Yearned for all the things I didn’t have.

Yet I had all I needed to live one day at a time.

I lost most of the important relationships I thought mine.

I nursed unwanted ones that took me to my last.

I cried myself to bed with many songs.

I danced, swerving to the tune of others.

I rose from where I laid with a body ache on some days

A dash of nausea on others.

My heart ached at least once every fortnight from wrenching disappointment.

this same raced with joy and ecstasy to outlive the hurt.

Now, standing on the verge of a possible reincarnation,

I ask myself,

Was that life?

Okay then!

Let’s do this once again!!

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1 year ago

Story of my life beautifully written from another perspective yet still tells my story☺️

1 year ago

How am I just learning of this blog? Dear Pearly, the way you put words together is just impeccable. You are a true inspiration to this generation. I personally relate to this piece but thank God it is all over now.