When we start schooling beyond kindergarten, and show signs of coherence in our mental faculties, there are two verbs that are taught to us. The verb “to be” and the verb “to have”. I think this is because for the rest of our awfully long lives on earth, we strive to be something or someone and to have people or possessions to call ours.

“I am” becomes that inevitable expression in our day to day life, I am reading, I am playing, I am eating, I am building, I’m a student, the list goes on and on. With each season in our lives, we tend to occupy a stead. This state of being is everchanging as one season gives way to another, but we never come to a stillness where we cease being.

If anything, this is proof that nature planned for us to embrace as many beings as possible, bursting out and giving life to every being we think possible for ourselves in our minds. The truth is, more often than not, in our minds, we know what being is expected of us with the changing seasons, but we shut it out, calling it unrealistic, reminding ourselves how impossible and unheard of it is in our surroundings.

My advice, step out of environmental determinism. Dictating and limiting your being to those who have come before you and those who still surround you is a very 18th century thing to do. You are allowed to be a little rebellious, crazy and out of the box.

My question is, are you ready to do the work that needs to be done for you to be who want to be?

As much as we know who we have to be for each season we step into, we often have an idea or more of what needs to be done to be that person. We remind ourselves of it every waking moment, but we find it easier to sprawl in our usual habits than begin implementing the new ones on our minds not just for a day, but consistently.

Even when you do succeed in being the one your thoughts always pointed you out to be, you never really get to the point of being all that you could be in that station. You’re never truly done emptying yourself of the potential to do better.

Proof is in every field in life, somehow, someone else comes to break the record that was set before the. This should whisper to you “there is more”. Even if you have done enough, you’re never truly over until you breathe your last.

So in everything you do, be happy and satisfied, but not contented enough to lounge around and stop bettering yourself. The moment you stop bettering yourself, as I said in my post on reaching the top, you become rusty, irrelevant, obsolete and finally a “used to be”.

I’d rather you step out of your field and sphere of influence feeling like “I was here”. That feeling of satisfaction when you’ve poured out the best of you in a process and left your footprints in the sands of time.

As long as life gives you the chance, NEVER STOP BEING, because to be…… is a lifelong process.

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1 year ago

I will NEVER stop being because to be…IS a lifelong process
Emproving Myself,not settling for less and getting out Of my comfort zone.
Thank you so much Dear Pearly❤️