As we all tread upon God’s green earth, sometimes, probably more often than not, we might wonder, “what makes us humans much different from all other living beings on earth?”

Is it the grasp we have over our emotions, or how intense they could feel? Is it the art of pretence we all seem to master from a tender age, or the sudden irrational outburst of the same emotions we often display? The list is far from exhaustive.

But what I do think makes us most human, is the ability to be understood clearly, when we choose to be clear. It’s the fact that no matter what place on the globe you occupy, another human’s display of feelings would hardly leave you blank with no possible deductions. So today, this is my message to you human gifted with the glory and mess, that fall beautifully in place like a colourful skein neatly untangled.

The sinew of your existence is not always going to be anchored on your brawn, it’ll often spill into you heart and intelligence.

Your heart has always and will be the passionate one. Rushing into whatever gives the least form of satisfaction. It’ll fight for what it believes in, that which makes it feel alive and light. Your heart is probably the one that never wants to grow old and will be contented with those glimpses of a hearty laughter or a lofty memory shared. But hold on……..

In as much as your heart wants to be unhinged and run head-on into the next adventure, remember to still your heart and sit a little while on the bench.

Remind your heart it can’t always feel the same highs and colours it’s done in the past.

Remind your heart that, the life you live is punctuated with seasons, some of which may cause it to hit the bottom of the barrel.

So grab you heart and teach it to be patient.

Teach your heart to hinge its hopes on things that matter (don’t ask me what matters, you know what matters for you).

Teach your heart life is quite the surprising teacher, and that with every surprise, the important thing is the attitude it chooses to entertain.

On your part, don’t be afraid to tame your heart and read out life’s lessons to it. Remember you own every single inch of your being, don’t be afraid to teach and choose the surges you will nosedive into. Yet again, what is the worst that could possibly happen?

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