Picture a world in which we all shared the same ideas. A world in which we all thought the same way, shared the same views and had the same experiences. I believe this will inevitably lead us to having the same style, speech pattern and way too many similarities with no distinctive features at all, except perhaps our physical experience. I’m beginning to guess by now that you are not quite fond of that imagination.

We clearly don’t aspire to being the same people all over the globe. We don’t want to be such a monotonous and boring bunch. So we find the seasoning of the earth with a variety of beings and preferences quite endearing, glad we belong to such an era. The funny thing to me however is that despite, being subconsciously aware of the differences which surround us, we are ever so often startled when an aspect of this “celebrated” difference stares at us in the face (seeing someone with 8 toes while you have 10).

We are strongly convinced that the society to which we belong and our values are of the highest standing. We believe there is something fundamentally wrong with another society if their stand is different from ours and God forbid if it stands in opposition to our .

We are aware of the blatant differences which characterise the human race, we sometimes celebrate them under the umbrella of diversity and yet, we are quick to dismiss the other and even destroy them if their experience or mindset seems to inconvenience us.

Even among ourselves within our different societies, when we go through the same situation, we expect everyone to go back home with the same lessons we learnt. So when someone seems to have stepped out from a similar situation and has less sequels, you tag the person pretentious and haughty, but when on the other hand the person seems to be almost damaged by that experience, you call the person a pretender or unnecessarily sensitive.

You need to stop invalidating another person’s truth or experience just because yours was different. Just in case no one ever told you, your experience is not the standard definition of truth, it’s just your reality, which is rather unfortunately a lid over your barrel. Dare to push that lid, step out of the barrel and realise that there is so much more that lies ahead of you. Invalidating the one opposite you just because your views are divergent is a sign of sick pride, and as you know.. pride seems to come before the fall.

Change the lease through which you view the world. Try a little humility and a mindset ready to learn

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1 year ago

Wowwww ❤️ Thank you so much chérie ❤️.
I will change the way i see people and what they go through ❤️