Wikidictionary defines different as not the same as another, or each other, unlike in nature, form or quality. That’s the standard society wants us to step away from, what society least expects us to be, different. “Why are you so different?” “It’s not normal that you’re different”. Being different is usually seen as a taboo. Right from childhood our parents do their best to make us normal. Dress like everyone else, move like everyone’s else, speak like everyone else and they choke up the different imprint in us.

As we grow up and have a more direct contact with society we realise how much rejection comes with being different so we try fitting in, we twist to get into that mould, that skin, that shoe that dress no matter how much we hate it because we keep trying to avoid being different. But that doesn’t help on the inside much does it?

So be different, be bold, be odd, be daring. Step away from the norm if that’s what your heart yearns after. Put on two different sides of shoes, yell in the middle of the road if that ,makes you feel better and satisfies your heart. Get a rainbow hairstyle if that explodes your potential. March to the beat of a different drum if you have to, just be you, be different. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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