It’s always been a part of us, like it’s there and yet it isn’t. Sort of like the air we breathe since we move with it everyday and yet we hope it doesn’t take a step without letting us know. Even when it warns us it’s coming we still find ourselves hoping and praying it does not keep its promises. hold on, are we not the ones being a little too obsessive and mean? Wanting to leave it jobless and purposeless? Wanting more time though we’ve done little or no purposeful things with the time we’ve had till now? Aren’t we selfish? Always wanting more even though we will do nothing useful for anyone other than ourselves?

Just look at her, she is pretty, or maybe has no face. I’m not one of those who think she sneaks up on you. We’re always very conscious of her so she does not even get a chance to sneak, she just does what is expected of her, even though her timing is hardly ever the best. She is just a zealous worker who needs a little bit of orientation.

To be honest, I don’t think she is cold. She might leave the body she visitits ice cold, but she leaves the hearts and bodies of the sympathisers hot. Anger at her makes your blood boil, memories of the one she took keep your heart warm, your tears keep your cheeks warm and all those who gather to celebrate the departed reignites fellowship that had once been lost. She most certainly leaves you with yearning for more of the departed, and that is not a cold feeling.

So death is a faceless lady, but in your heart, she takes the face of those you’ve lost. In your mind, she’s made you value memories which once were trivial to you. In your life, she has helped you value all the little moments that make up your day. Death at the end of it all is not a dark place, it’s sad sure, but it brings to memory more of the happy moments than the reasons to be upset.

Right now, I want you to close your eyes and think of all those she took. Are there tears rolling down? Is it a nostalgic feeling? Are you upset? Is it regret? whatever it is you’re feeling, death took your beloved and gave all those feelings in return. Try valuing her and expecting her a little more, she’s way too eager about letting you feel so many beautiful vulnerabilities in being human.

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