It’s a big wide world,some are being born, others are dying. Some are having the time of their lives and others are cloaked by a dark cloud of depression and grim happenings surrounding them. Well we are all characters on stage which can be killed off at anytime and the play will go on, rest assured you’ll be forgotten quickly by some, after a while by others and unforgettable to a few. Life is an long running sort of eternal play with a multitude of mortal characters. The only eternal character being God (though He exists in time but is not part of it).

I remember my body cringe at the thought of me being a replacement. At first I felt worthless, little, it affected my self esteem for a while. The thought of being forgotten after a couple of years doesn’t sit well at first. But I pondered over it and we like;

Girl, since you’re just replacing and will soon be replaced, be the best replacement you can be.

The thought of you being unique is one each of us likes to feed our self worth measuring rod. So we try to make a different way doing things, a way letting people know “oh Pearly did this, I’m sure of it” without having to see me at work. Rather than struggling to get a unique pattern why not change the approach? Do it in a way that makes it better for those coming after you. In all you do, strive to make it softer, better and sweeter for those coming after you. Believe it or not, you’ll get better results than you did using the self-centered approach. Your mind projects as far as it can and for as many people as possible. Don’t hover thinking I’m about giving you steps on how to project for the greater good, you figure that out yourself😁.

Remember it’s no assurance of preserving you in an unforgettable status. You can do that and still be forgotten, but you felt good doing the greater good thing didn’t you? The stuff you’ll do will be unforgettable to you, isn’t it more fun than it being unforgettable to others? That’s the best replacement tip from me to you, do the right things which are unforgettable to you, it’s the best treat ever.

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