“Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who is the most beautiful woman in all the kingdom?”

“It’s you my queen.”

Watching Snow White growing up, besides the fact that I didn’t like her wicked stepmother, I often wondered why a wicked woman would want a mirror’s approval on how she looked whereas she could have anyone give her any answer she wanted. So till date I don’t have an answer, just a hypothesis which you will be able to deduce by the end of this write-up.

After my two decades and more on earth, I’ve come to notice that we can’t act as mirrors to ourselves. to know what one looks like, one needs to see a reflection from another object and the definition or image we have of ourselves almost entirely depends on the object projecting our reflection. It’s literally looking at a mirror and believing the image and details the image sends back to you.

If it’s a smooth normal lens, we see ourselves as smooth and ordinary people. If it is a camera with a cute filter, we are most certainly as cute as that reflection. If it is a fractured mirror, we can only get and think as distorted as the reflection goes. So the ideal is to go for ideal or rather proper mirrors (because ideal is not a global standard) that properly reflect people as thought by the mirror manufacturer.

The same thing happens in photography for me, a photographer with a particular interest in his/her lens focus consequently captures and shares that view he/she has with the rest of the world and that is a unique kind of art. So the only memory and definition the focus has at the end of your work is what you deliver. In other words, your work goes a long way in defining the object or focus you bring out. So you might guess, my best photographs I believe have been taken by people who love me and see me beautifully on most days and unique on others.

The point is, whatever you look to for reflection ends up inadvertently or intentionally defining you. Thier looking glass becomes your standard. So who do you turn to for reflection?

Are you actually distorted? or is the object showing your reflection the one that is a distorted piece.

Who reflects you? Does the one reflect you as you were intended to be reflected. The reflection you get, do you love it or do you hate it?

You can change that mirror.

You have the right and utmost duty

to yourself to change that mirror.

The world is a mirror that throws so many types of reflections that excel at showing us how wanting and lacking we could be. All these standards and in the midst of it we forget we have a choice and can change the lens anytime we want to. So be like Snow White’s step mom and her mirror. Get yourself a precious gem that activates your mirror and shows you the beautifully unique reflection you have always been. You won’t know unless you see it. So pick your mirror, open your eyes and accept your beauty.

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