It’s golden, bright, beautiful and yet it’s a chain. Holding you down, pulling you back, restraining you from soaring beyond what meets the eye at the moment.”

This is what I realised when I first had this title in mind. It’s a 3 year old thing that has been roaming the corridors of my mind, trying to take form and flesh, seeing were it belongs and where it doesn’t, seeing how many people are in such situations too. I never thought I’ll settle down to finally pen something down on this but here I am. A chain in ancient times was solely used to hold down something or someone captured or something you didn’t want escaping you. It holds the thing down usually against one’s will from the start, but as water flows under the bridge whatever is captured stops fighting and trying to escape, it gets used to and eventually adorns itself with the chains. The chains can be upgraded, made more beautiful, attractive and ultimately golden, but they remain chains don’t they? But we usually forget that.

Remember that time you finished high school, full of dreams and so many positive expectations to walk into a different dimension of life. A lot of passion you were going to follow in the university and then you hit a huge wall which begins from the inner circle, your parents. They tell you how trashy your dreams are and will get you nowhere in life, given that they hold your life’s pay cheque and take care of you they choose what course your life will take. You probably rebelled a little, refused going to school for a month or even a year and if you did you probably cried everyday before going to school during the first few months then you stopped fighting. You went down that path that comes with all the financial comfort you need and a tomorrow’s assurance your parents want for you. Not forgetting a better relationship with them. You stopped dreaming and tried fiting yourself in this new path though you hardly ever truly fit right. You adorned yourself in this new future and forgot all the passion you once had, you forgot you had a dream that was way better and you forgot no matter how good things are you’re still in those beautiful golden chains aren’t you?

You’ve got to break free, rekindle that passion. Trust me it’s going to take a whole lot of courage, and relationships falling apart, but if the future seems brighter, happier and a lot more satisfying why don’t you give it try? The chains are costly so it’s going to be costly to break free. Don’t wait for tomorrow, start writing the new pages of you life today, your tomorrow begins now.on Golden Chains

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