The 2018, 365 days novel has come to an end, and now joining your life’s encyclopedia. Some pages with a lot on them, others with nothing much and most certainly a few lessons learnt, regardless of how subtile or little they may be.

We’ve had people walk into our lives, walk out of it, added a few more names to our contact list, though we don’t even talk to half the people on it. Like I ask myself at the end of every novel, what did I learn? What plus is added unto me? Was it just the fun? The surge of emotions or my mental dictionary getting thicker?

Looking back at the resolutions I made same time last year, and the many others which got tagged along the line, I don’t think I puĺled through with up to 3 of them. A lack of will power? Could be. But I’ll go for a lack of consistency. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my 365 pages novel of last year, consistency is a lot more than will power. It’s beyond deciding and voicing out ‘I will’, beyond starting and quitting when it gets tough. It’s a process.

First up, changing the appellation from ‘resolutions’ to ‘objectives’. It might just be me, but resolution send the vibe of me being able to quit at anytime. After all, most people ditch their resolutions after 1 week of trying, I shouldn’t beat myself over it now. But objectives sort of make it clearer, I know why I have to get there, and I’m not giving up any time before I attain it.

Consistency requires quite an amount of discipline, doing it till it sticks and becomes a habit. You’ll only get better if you do it quite often and keep seeing points which need adjustments and working on them.

But do remember, you have to start. Unless you start, you’ll keep imagining there’s nothing much to work on. You won’t get better, but rusty. Nobody likes a stagnant state of rust, have in mind that rust can be cleaned up, and the object sharpened, it’s not a lost cause.

A smart guy I know once put up 3 A4 sheets on the wall of his study room, 2 of the sheets had something written on them and the other was blank. I thought to myself it meant a new beginning, but I still just didn’t get why he’ll put up a blank sheet to convey something so obvious. So when I asked he told me;

Everyday is a new day, a new leaf and you can write anything you want on it. Doing the right things will make it a better page of the ‘you script’. Putting it up and having it flash before your eyes is a reminder that you’re not bound to the crap load of wrong stuff you did yesterday. Today is the best shot you’ve got at tomorrow.

So, take to his advice and watch yourself soar. Make the most incredible memories this year is my tip to you. Happy New Year 2019, I hope you attain your goals.on Start it right.

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