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Start it right

The 2018, 365 days novel has come to an end, and now joining your life’s encyclopedia. Some pages with a lot on them, others with nothing much and most certainly a few lessons learnt, regardless of how subtile or little they may be. We’ve had people walk into our lives, walk out of it, added a few more names to our contact list, though we don’t even talk to half the people on it. Like I ask myself at the end of every novel, what did I learn? What plus… Read More

Get to the finish line

You all know that time we get a breakthrough idea, that zeal to do something new, that thing we love with every iota of life in us. Then we eventually start it. We open that shop of our dreams, start that business of our dreams, start writing that book, we give birth to THE DREAM. But how often do we pull through? See it come to fruition? Stand at the end of the day and say ‘we did it’? It often is very easy for us to get discouraged at… Read More