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The 21st century, era of beauty and glamour, casual yet classy, having the geek and tech guys kind of rule the world. It’s a time of so many possibilities, slumbering is at your own demise, hard work bearing delightful fruits at the end of it all. In the midst of all this evolution, the beauty erected all around us, the turmoil, the smells, the entertainment, do you ever STOP? Quiet the noise all around you and enjoy the moment? Make that weather, that phrase, that look, that smell, that taste, that feeling last in your mind? Make a memory out of it? You can make a memory out of the silliest things and the really great ones. Discover the beauty and unique traits pertaining to everything you see, touch, feel heard. That is mainly what I’m here to do.

We are going to watch movies, read novels, go food tasting, use products, and a whole lot of things together. We’ll quiet the noise and savor every split second we’ll be discovering the authenticity of what we have. So settle down, give yourself some peace and quiet, dig into God’s gift package of life.

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