“Don’t be late”, “wake up early”, “being on time sends out a good image”, “we’re running out of time”, “I’ve got a lot of time ahead of me”. All of which are statements we heard on the loop while growing up or still hear today, we also tell them to others, especially those younger than us, hoping to make them probably not miss out as much as we did on things to which time was of the essence. What is time? Is it that 24hour frame we get out of each day? Who said a day was 24hours? Who categorized time? Why does it always end up dictating what we do and when we do it? Is it that ticking sound from the wall clock above us? Is it the hour, minute, or second we don’t even realize has come to an end? All these questions parade the corridor of my mind whenever I think of time.

What is time for me? Besides the fleeting seconds, the tic-toc sound from the wristwatch I have on, it’s the MEMORIES and the LOVE. What makes time to me is how much laughter I remember, how much awkward I remember, and even how much fear and sadness I felt then. How much love I received, how much love I gave, the smiles I put on faces by doing something, or even just smiling back at them make time for me. Remembering the taste of that meal, how salty it was, mind-numbingly delicious or hideous it happened to be. Remembering if the wind made me grateful or resentful. The people with whom I was made time for me. No love, no memories equal no time to me. The “day” may come to an end, but void of these, I have no time. TIME IS LOVE. So what is time for you?

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